Satyricon – Nemesis Divina (Napalm Records)

Satyricon – Nemesis Divina (Napalm Records)

A vicar-killing, cat-bumming triumph...

It was 20 years ago today that Dr Satyricon and his band began to play. Well, almost…

Nemesis Divina celebrates its 20 year anniversary and here is a special re-issue, deliciously remastered by Satyricon himself – and this album has stood the test of time. The Dawn Of A New Age kicks things off with a slow and noble intro before Satyricon rasps ‘This is Armageddon’ and it goes abso-fucking-luteley mental. This is perfectly executed black metal that doesn’t date; blasting, tremolo picking and croaking vocals. About half way through it pauses for a quiet bit, as if Satan himself had pulled you out of the shit-pool. Satan says ‘Have a breather – now get back in that mire’ and then it all finishes with a splendid mid-tempo outro. What a sweet start.

Next up is Forhekset, which made me kill a vicar and bum a cat. True story. It’s chock full of dramatic surges, and is almost orchestral. The vocals are chock full of coffin dust, and I’m pretty sure they must have gone through about 4000 picks recording this album – such is the extent of the tremolo picking – and the riff is so fucking thrash-tastic. AND you get a folky segment. I can just imagine the traditionalist black metal fans faces when they first heard this. Beautiful. Every track on here is classic stuff. You just have to check out Mother North; the ascending riffs and chants. So black. Du Som Hater Gud‘s got the obligatory shrieks and growls coupled with an almost baroque piece of piano. With Nemesis Divina, Satyricon showed the world the possibilities for black metal. I love the dramatic intro to Immortality Passion; it’s perfectly balanced between the grandiose and the crushing. The riffage on this album is chunky enough to please lovers of all manner of metal genres, surely? Last two tracks Nemesis Divina (which is insane) and Transcended Requiem Of Slaves (which borders on doom, if you ask me) seal off the album in fine, fine style. Magnificent. Now I must go off and kill a cat/bum a vicar…

Albert Petersen

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