Neuronspoiler: The Sound of (Sweet) Silence…

Here's your chance to have a look at somewhere legendary...

It’s no secret that here at Sentinel Daily we have our fave bands… and UK metallers Neuronspoiler are definitely one of them. Being the top-notch journalists that we are, Sentinel Daily Editor and all round metal man about own Scott Adams got wind of the band’s plans to record at the modern-day version of  the legendary Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen – in the presence of similarly legendary knob twiddler Flemming Rasmussen, natch – over a year ago after a pleasantly boozy afternoon in a pub in London’s West End that involved a chat with the ‘Spoiler’s avuncular voxman JR… but we kept schtum, until now, when the photographic proof of this metallic dream come true dropped into the Sentinel Daily inbox… natch, this isn’t all we have on the matter – a full piece on the band’s experiences recording with a full-blow metal legend (Ride The Lightning, anyone?) will appear very shortly but for now, enjoy this not-often-seen look into the world of a bona fide metal God…

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