Fozzy – The Manning Bar, Sydney, 10/11/2018

Sentinel Daily Photographer Paul Kerr schlepped up to Sydney for us to capture the mighty Fozzy in action at The Manning Bar...

Paul Kerr

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  • […] Jericho was right, from the minute they hit the stage and opening with Judas, the band had the crowd in raptures.  Everyone was on fire tonight, Billy Grey was a powerhouse running around stage like an energizer bunny, Frank Fontsere pounding the drums and driving the songs along beautifully. Randy Drake, filling in for Paul Di Leo on bass didn’t miss a beat, Jericho the ultimate frontman and Rich Ward was just amazing, he is one of the most consummate performers.  He ended up on the night having some particularly close interaction with the crowd during his solo for Enemy (of which I did manage to grab a pic). […]


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