Sentinel Daily and to Team Up!

Sentinel Daily and to Team Up!

Like your metal delivered through the ears rather than the eyes? Then this is what you've been waiting for from Sentinel Daily!

Regular readers of Sentinel Daily will know that we’ve been running through the countdown of our top 100 rock and metal albums of 2016 over the last week or so, and now we’ve reached the pointy end we’ve teamed up with Australia’s 1st & Only 24/7 Rock-Metal Radio Station, to present a two hour live broadcast counting down the twenty albums we consider to be the best of 20016!

Presented by Sentinel Daily Editor Scott Adams, the show will run live from 7PM AEDT tomorrow (Thursday) Night!

You can listen live over the internet or download links to listen on your iphone or android – links for both apps are provided below!

We’ll be live on facebook and twitter at the same time so feel free to add your comments as the countdown unfolds!

Download the iphone app HERE

Download the Android app HERE

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